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bat whitepaper

Another addition noted in Roadmap 2.0 is the Brave Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Aggregator. The goal of the DEX aggregator is to make decentralized finance (DeFi) accessible for everyone, enabling crypto token swaps. The Brave DEX Aggregator also has certain benefits for BAT users, like discounts and multi-chain support.

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Obfuscation tool ‘BatCloak’ can evade 80% of AV engines.

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Mobile advertising results in as much as $23 per month in data charges on the average user’s data plan, slow page loads, and as much as 21% less battery life. In response, over 600 million mobile devices and desktops (globally) employ ad blocking software and this number is growing. Traditional publishers have lost approximately 66% of their revenue over the past decade, adjusted for inflation. Publishers face falling revenue, users feel increasingly violated, and advertisers’ ability to assess effectiveness is diminished. The solution is a decentralized, transparent digital ad exchange based on Blockchain.

Understanding the Basic Attention Token

Brave is an open-source, privacy-focused, performant web browser with millions of users that blocks third-party ads, trackers and mining scripts by default, and offers a set of powerful pro-privacy features (such as Tor-browsing). Custodial wallet and exchange services, such as those provided by our partners Uphold, Gemini, and bitFlyer allow mainstream parties to participate in the BAT ecosystem without specialized knowledge of blockchain. BlockFi, Nexo, Binance,, Gemini and other CeFi providers provide lending and borrowing services for users to lend their crypto assets for an annual return. These options tend to yield moderate returns compared to DeFi, but do not require the level of knowledge and expertise in order to utilize. Typically, Crypto Wallets users will either begin their DeFi journey through DeFi Management Apps like Zapper or InstaDapp, or will work directly with decentralized exchanges or defi lending and borrowing protocols. If you’re interested in being rewarded in Basic Attention Token for your online content, sign up at

bat whitepaper

The April 2019 introduction of Brave Ads delivered on the promise of BAT rewards for user attention, and has grown to serve over 2.5K ad campaigns from over 400 advertisers in +190 countries. Users of the Brave browser are also rewarded with BAT for their participation in the project. BATs can be exchanged for various services on the platform, as well as for select premium content. Nonetheless, publishers will receive a greater share of the ad revenue, according to the BAT whitepaper.

BAT – Making Crypto and DeFi accessible and useable for everyone

Compared with other blockchain tokens, BAT differs in the motivation behind its creation. Developed by the people behind the open-source internet browser Brave, BAT’s best monacoin pool introduction promoted privacy protection and anonymous browsing. It is also the same reason why most people prefer BAT over any cryptocurrency token readily available.

  • And while you can add plugins that block advertisements and trackers on Chrome and Firefox, the Brave browser runs these features by default.
  • I don’t mind this ad at all, really — it’s simply something that pops up when I open a new tab.
  • Brave also helps to match up advertisements with customers based on machine learning algorithms to determine customer interests.
  • Capitalizing on our user base and the success we have had with BAT adoption, we intend to make crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) accessible and usable for everyone through the following efforts.
  • And by digital advertising they’re referring to the ads that pop up on websites.

The BAT advertising platform matches ads to users’ interests without any data collection or tracking, and pays users in BAT tokens for viewing these ads—that is, for their attention. BAT creates an efficient marketplace by connecting publishers, advertisers, and audiences. Companies can run digital advertising campaigns with Brave Ads, which can be paid for with either U.S. dollars or, alternately, with BAT. When advertisers start a campaign, their money is split between the Brave platform, users who opt into ads, and content publisher-creators. Last year, Brendan Eich – creator of JavaScript and Mozilla Firefox – released Brave, which blocks tracking pixels and intrusive ads.

Brave is rapidly becoming the browser of choice for those who value privacy, speed, and a better advertising experience. Below, we’ve compared Brave with some of the leading browsers like Chrome and Firefox. With top blockchain projects, we are investigating both L2 solutions and L1 blockchains in conjunction with Ethereum. An overview and timeline for Themis can be found here, and some technical reports we have published on Themis can be found here and here.

BAT Ad Ecosystem

However, some critics believe that Brave’s new browser will struggle with adoption. Web developers can integrate Pay with BAT into their websites and apps with the JavaScript and PHP development kit, allowing visitors to pay for content and other items with the BAT from their Brave Rewards wallets. BitIRA shall not be liable for any damages relating to your use of the information provided on the Site.

Other pieces of data (such as type of content being viewed) are included and sent to the Brave ledger system, which records and sends payments to the publisher and user based on the final attention score. With Publisher Ads, creators and website owners can opt into having ads (e.g., banner ads) from the Brave Ads platform display on their content. Users can opt into publisher ads by toggling them in their Brave Creators dashboard. When creators verify a channel or website, their website or channel will appear flaired with a special blue checkmark to Brave users with Brave Rewards enabled.


Users can also spend BAT on several things in the browser including premium articles and products, high-resolution photos, data services, and tip content creators. Advertisers’ main benefit is the anonymous user attention data that Brave provides which allows them to increase the efficiency of their advertisements. Basic Attention Token is a blockchain-based digital advertising, rewards, and DeFi platform, founded by the creator of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox. The Basic Attention Token platform is integrated into “BAT-enabled applications”, such as the Brave web browser.

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Brave will have to offer much more in order to be considered a viable alternative for everyday users. While 8 million is a good start, it’s a long way from the 250 million users of the Mozilla Firefox browser or the more than 1 billion Google Chrome users. Brave has had push-back from advertisers since its inception due to issues with having their content covered. However, when looked at through the eyes of the user trying to avoid the increasing surveillance of corporations, the BAT model is a good one.

What are the best private browsers to protect your online privacy?

As blockchain and digital currencies continue to increase, companies have sought new ways to apply this innovative technology to older problems and issues, such as web browsing and web-based advertising. And making this happen is not simple, and there are certainly a lot of middlemen in this world, such as agencies, agency trading desks, the creative team, the demand-side platforms, the ad exchanges, the networks, and more. And by digital advertising they’re referring to the ads that pop up on websites. So if there’s anybody that I could get behind for a blockchain-based disruption of the mess that is digital advertising via means of a new browser (the Brave browser, which I discuss later in this article), it’d probably be Brendan Eich. Based on this knowledge, Brave could partner with AT&T, Verizon, and other mobile data providers to reward customers with a discount on unlimited data plans when they adopt the Brave browser on their mobile phone.

bat whitepaper

Users who opt into Brave Ads in the Brave browser are shown privately-matched advertisements from the BAT network. Since ad matching and delivery is performed by the browser entirely client-side, Brave Ads requires absolutely no user data collection or tracking. A BAT IRA is a long-term investment in a cryptocurrency that has garnered a great deal of support and appears to have some of the qualities of an investment with solid returns.

Rewards support

Brave browser faces stiff competition from the likes of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others. Bat is also an ERC-20 token, so if you already have a wallet that supports this type of token, you can use that. These include wallets such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet and hardware wallets such a Trezor / Ledger. When it comes to the markets for BAT, it is quite a popular token and is listed on a number of exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bittrex, Huobi etc. However, over 50% of the volume is currently taking place on two of the top exchanges. As of March 2018, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer and Firefox collectively made up about 90% of the browser market.

bat whitepaper

Integrating BAT as the native token for Brave web browser leads to several benefits. For example, users can receive BAT for just looking at a handful of advertisements. Many users choose to utilize their BAT to acquire different products and services. Additionally, some also prefer to donate the BAT back to the publishing companies to extend their support. BAT provides attractive incentives especially valuable for those working in the marketing and advertising industries. Integrating BAT into their advertisements enables them to acquire a plethora of data and various analytics.